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Why Choose Code Red Period Products Period Starter Kit?

Here at Code Red Period Products we understand the importance of getting this next step right, so we thought we'd share a few reasons why Code Red Period Products is the best choice for your girls' first period starter kit.
The products we make are a celebration of all things WOMEN, and we're passionate about celebrating all things US.
Using knowledge from my experience as a nurse, evidence-based research, and my own experiences, I write all information in a way that can be understood by ages 8+.
As someone who has suffered from debilitating Endometriosis and severe period pain for over 20 years, I have tried it all. It can be challenging to find a product that works without a lot of trial and error! So, I started to keep track of all the things that really helped me in my time of need.... Then our period starter kit was created, with helpful Tips & Tricks that actually work for your period our period starter kit is one that you can rely on!
We aim to EMPOWER young girls with the knowledge and tools to take full control of their bodies using our Period Starter Kits.



My First Period Starter Kit 

Code Red Period Products Period Starter Kit contains everything your girls need when preparing to start their first period.

  • Interactive Journal/Workbook

  • Hot Water Bottle Belt​

  • "Loading" Story Book

  • Smart Temperature Display Thermo Cup

  • Period Pass + Letter to School

  • First Period Certificate

  • Sanitary Pad Holder inc Pads

  • Reusable Pad Making Instructions

  • Bath Salts

  • Ginger Tea

  • Pen & Colouring Pencils

  • Do Not Disturb Sign


Period Pass

Our Period Pass is EXCLUSIVELY available to Code Red Period Products, It was specially designed to help young girls go to the toilet during lessons at school. Many girls find this to be a major problem as many girls have said that being able to go to the toilet is a struggle for them as not all teachers would allow them to go during lesson time and many were afraid to explain the reason why they need to go to the toilet, leaving them embarrassed when they have an accident. Included in Code Red Period Products period starter kit.



My First Period, Interactive Journal

Code Red Period Products Interactive Journal

Included in the Journal is :-

  • Period Tracker - The key part of understanding periods is understanding your own. This is one of the most important parts of this Journal! Being able to spot when something is wrong, and keeping track of your mood, pain score and knowing when your next period will be, are just a few of the things we’ll be learning together in this Journal.

  • Workbook- In this workbook there is a chance for mum and daughter to bond, answer questions truthfully and you will be able to enjoy this part of the Journal.

  • Puberty Dictionary- This Dictionary has been designed to help you understand the key words used in this workbook, as well as any other writings that involve puberty topics and activities

  • Colouring, puzzles + more
    Included in Code Red Period Products period starter kit.



First Period Certificate

Period Certificate-
To celebrate the start of a new chapter we at Code Red Period Products felt it was fitting to celebrate the momentous occasion. Code Red Period Productswant to break down the stigma that comes along with having a period and promote this as a celebratory time in a woman's life.

Only Available in our Period Starter Kits
Included in Code Red Period Products period starter kit.



"Loading" Book

Hello I’m Mya and this is my first period. In this book we take a look at periods in a different light, whilst also teaching your child the fundamentals of a period.
Periods are not something we like to talk about, but like it or not it is an important part of growing up. This book helps break down periods in a way that young girls can understand. It's also packed with tips and tricks that will help your daughter through this journey and make them more confident as they go through puberty.

This 32 page short coming of age story book is a book for all young girls. Mya who is just at the start of her period Journey experiences ups and downs and many different emotions that she is just trying to understand, but too scared to talk about. Mya doesn't seem to understand what is happening to her body, why she is feeling so sad so snappy and irritable. she ends up losing her friends and the people around her for what seems like no reason at all.....untill the day it all makes sense why she has been feeling this way.

In the book we take a look at the start of your period what it may look like, what it may feel like, and what to look out for. Inside the book you can find out special tips for period pain that Mya's mum shares with her whilst some gentle information about Endometriosis is shared in the story to help young girls identify this condition if needed in the future.

Just starting your period then this book is for you.
Explaining what a period is doesn't have to be awkward.
This is a book for young girls who are starting their first period. It will show them that everything they are feeling is normal and that there’s no need to feel alone in the process. This beautifully illustrated story will help them understand what it means to be a woman and how to keep themselves safe during their period.
Made exclusively for Code Red Period Products Ltd
Copywrite 2022


Hot Water Bottle Belt

Code Red Period Products Hot Water Bottle Belt-
For those days when being handsfree is crucial. This cute koala bear is beautifully designed to hug you just right to give you a warm & gentle pain relief. 

Included in Code Red Period Products period starter kit.

Untitled_Artwork 9_edited.png


How To Make A Reusable Pad

Because we live in a world where some people have to make the choice between buying food and buying pads, we thought here at Code Red Period Products it was important to give girls another way. Re-usable pads are a great way to help reduce environmental waste, and are the ultimate in frugality. These instructions will show you how to make your own reusable sanitary pad out of old clothes, or other materials. You just need to buy the needle and thread! It's a better alternative than buying expensive commercial pads from shops.
Included in Code Red Period Products period starter kit.


Personalised Smart Temperature Display Thermo Cup

Keep your drinks hot or cold with this smart thermo cup, which has an intelligent touch temperature display and can hold 500ml of liquid. The flask is ideal for using to refill your hot water bottle belt with adult supervision when you are away from home.
Included in Code Red Period Products period starter kit.



Sanitary Towel & Tampon Holder

This beautiful Pink floral print sanitary bag is discreet and big enough to hold your days supply of period products. This bag is small enough to be put inside of your handbag or coat pocket. Pads INCLUDED only in our Period Starter Kits.

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