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Here at Code Red Period Products, we don't just make period starter kits we understand how easy it is to fall behind in school. So, we decided to do something about it!
Code Red Period Products are PROUD to be working alongside SJB Tuition to bring a bespoke learning experience to your child. Helping them to catch up with their peers Or pushing them to reach their full potential.
We believe all girls should have access to some form of education.
Period pain is one of the biggest causes of missed education, many girls miss a day or so off school due to the pain and discomfort they feel or because they fear not being able to go to the toilet freely.
Period Poverty ! Many girls cannot afford to buy sanitary products each month and miss school because of this!
SJB Tuition not only tutor students but sponsor children too! We LOVE this about them check out SJB Tuition website for more information on what they do to help young girls. They go above and beyond for their students leaving no child behind.


Did You Know?

It is estimated that

    350,000 girls are missing school 

due to being on

their period

Did You Know?

Periods cause 2.1m hours of missed education

Did You Know?

27% of girls say embarrassment and shame-related factors are the reasons

SJB Tuition is a tutoring company created to meet the
additional education needs of parents and their children.

We are a small company set up out of a passion to see children thrive even in difficult circumstances.

We offer online, high quality teaching from an experienced, highly qualified,

DBS certified teacher.

About SJB Tuition

Tutoring (1).png

When Creating Code Red Period Products my main concern was how much time off school girls were missing due to their periods. I thought about myself and how I failed My GCSE's because of my periods, depite giving the exams my all. No amount of trying to catch up by myself helped. Then I found SJB Tuition. The help and support I received from Sarah (tutor) was above and beyond, subsequently I managed to get into university and study to become a nurse. Without SJB Tuition I would never have made it this far.
Working alongside someone who is so passionate about helping young children especially young girls is a pleasure and knowing just how much she helped me made me want to work with her even more!

Why SJB Tuition?

SJB Principles


At SJB Tuition, our principle is that every child should be able to achieve
even in difficult circumstances, regardless of their background.

We believe a good education is a right not a privilege. We are not just a
company that educates but we also believe in given back to help
improve access to education for children and young people. With this in
mind, each year SJB Tuition chooses a young person to receive a gift to
help them in some way with their education.

Tutoring (2).png

SJB Tuition offers one-to-one lessons from a qualified teacher for Years 1 to 9, either online or in your *home. We offer teaching that is bespoke to your child so you decide on the subject or topic that your child needs help with. You can choose from; Maths, English, Science, History, Geography and RE. (Please note only Maths and English is provided for Years 6 to 9.) Lessons are taught at your child’s level along with the National Curriculum outcomes. We can either provide activities for each lesson or we can work through homework provided by your child’s school. At the end of each lesson verbal feedback is given to let you know how your child is progressing. If you would like a written report, this can be provided at an additional charge.​​​​​​​​​​


What We Offer?

SJB Tuition
SJB Tuition

Sarah Burke

Tutor & Founder

I have had 20 years experience in education. I have taught at a variety of schools including; small village schools to large inner-city schools to special needs schools.  I have been a Key Stage leader, Maths specialist, a student mentor, an acting Deputy Headteacher of a mainstream school as well as a Headteacher of an award-winning supplementary school. So, there’s not a lot I haven’t seen educationally and I’m keen to use this knowledge and experience to see your child go further. 

Sarah Burke, B. Ed Hons

SJB Tuition


Online lessons are £22.

  • Each lesson usually lasts for an hour, although shortened lessons and extended lessons are available at different rates.

  • Your first lesson is half price!

  • we have special discounts for block lessons of 5.

 only online lessons are currently being offered

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