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Loading- My First Period, Story Book

Hello I’m ......(choose your character) and this is my first period. In this book we take a look at periods in a different light, whilst also teaching your tweens and teens the fundamentals of a period.


Periods are not something we like to talk about, but like it or not it is an important part of growing up. This book helps break down periods in a way that young girls can understand. It's also packed with tips and tricks that will help your daughter through this journey and make them more confident as they go through puberty.


This 80 page short coming of age story book is a book for all young girls.


Mya (or character of your choice) is just at the start of her period Journey, experiences ups and downs and many different emotions that she is just trying to understand, but too scared to talk about. Mya doesn't seem to understand what is happening to her body, why she is feeling so sad so snappy and irritable. she ends up losing her friends and the people around her for what seems like no reason at all.....untill the day it all makes sense why she has been feeling this way.


In the book we take a look at the start of your period what it may look like, what it may feel like, and what to look out for. Inside the book you can find out special tips for period pain that Mya's mum shares with her whilst some gentle information about Endometriosis is shared in the story to help young girls identify this condition if needed in the future.


Explaining what a period is doesn't have to be awkward.

This book will show them that everything they are feeling is normal and that there’s no need to feel alone in the process.

This illustrated story will help them understand what it means to be a woman and how to keep themselves safe during their period.

Made exclusively for Code Red Period Products Ltd

Loading- My First Period, Story Book


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