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Code Red Interactive Journal
It was designed with young girls in mind, to help them learn and understand their periods and what is happening to them.

Included in the Journal is :-

Period Tracker-
Period Tracker - The key part of understanding periods is understanding your own. This is one of the most important parts of this Journal! Being able to spot when something is wrong, and keeping track of your mood, pain score and knowing when your next period will be, are just a few of the things we’ll be learning together in this Journal.


In this workbook there is a chance for mum and daughter to bond, answer questions truthfully and you will be able to enjoy this part of the Journal. Also within this section you will find quizzes, colouring activities and most importantly LEARNING TOOLS.

Puberty Dictionary- This Dictionary has been designed to help you understand the key words used in this workbook, as well as any other writings that involve puberty topics and activities.

Diary pages-
Diary pages for young girls to be able to write down their feelings and emotions during this confusing time. Great for journaling, or just for girl talk about everything from boys and periods to friendships, first crushes, parents, schoolwork and more.

12X Picture of the month
Let’s go on a journey together! Take a picture of your friends every month and record what you did in the notes section. See how much fun you can have reminiscing in years to come.

My First Period Interactive Journal

SKU: CR1000B

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