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Meet Our Diverse Characters For Code Red Period Products

Code Red Period Products understand the importance of representation, we understand that being able to see someone who looks like you is important for self-esteem. 
Here at Code Red Period Products we are trying our best to ensure that we boost our girls self esteem and help them to become strong independant women. We want young girls to be able to pick up a book and be able to see someone who looks like...them. We want to get this right! We want EVERY girl to feel included when buying these products! Most importantly we want ALL girls to feel included and worthy. x
Whilst we understand the importance of culture and our cultural difference we also wanted to be able to demonstrate how similar we all actually are too! 
Each character was created from ONE main character. In order to create the other characters we slightly adjusted some of the main facial features and skin tones that give us our unique ethnic identity. 

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