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 Hey there, fellow period warriors!I'm Rachel, the founder of Code Red Period Products, and I'm on a mission to revolutionize the way teens experience their periods. But I can't do it alone – I need YOUR help to make it happen.My journey with periods hasn't been easy. Enduring two decades of agonizing periods due to Endometriosis, and undergoing 11 surgeries, I know firsthand the pain and frustration that comes with menstruation. Starting menstruation at a young age without proper education or support only added to the challenges I faced.

Out of my struggles emerged Code Red Period Products – a collection of resources crafted to empower teens with the knowledge and support needed to effectively manage their periods. From interactive journals to period passes, we're all about smashing the stigma surrounding periods and creating a space where open conversations can happen freely. We want to support as many teens as possible as they navigate this new chapter of their lives. 

Check Out Our Current Period Starter Kit 

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