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creating Code red

Hey tweens and queens (and the parents who love them)!  Rachel here, founder of Code Red, your secret weapon for conquering periods like a total boss lady.

Well, my period journey wasn't exactly sunshine and rainbows. Endometriosis kept me sidelined for over 20 years, even forcing me to leave my dream job as a nurse. But when I saw young girls struggling with the same anxieties and pain I did, I knew it was time to fight back!

Code Red Period Products

So, what's the enemy? .....Period panic! 

Say goodbye to period panic with Code Red! Our mission is to empower Teens and tweens and turn their periods into a power-up moment. No more awkward whispers or clueless teachers. Join us and embrace the power of your period!

School Period Pass


We're armed with super fun (and super effective) tools:

  • The Trademarked Period Pass : Your golden ticket to bathroom freedom! Show it to any teacher and bam, period break, no questions asked.

  • Period Starter Kits: Packed with everything you need to feel prepared and confident when Aunt Flo comes knocking. Think comfy pads, pain-busting tips, and even a secret stress-melting surprise!

  • Education Workshops: We're not shy about periods! We're in schools, community centers, even your local unicorn stables, dropping knowledge bombs about cycles, hygiene, and self-love.

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